The Community

Our brokerage owner is a firm believer in being community minded, supporting local business owners and organizations any way possible. Either through patronage, referring their services, offering donations or lending a helping hand in other ways we take pleasure in the opportunity to give back.

We also understand the importance of helping children in the community reach their potential, which is why E Patrice serves as a volunteer mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Family Services of Westchester. Since 2015 she has been a “Big” matched with a “Little” for a one on one mentorship that has thrived. Both have grown due to the program and involvement with each other and enriched one another’s lives through experiences that have been fun and educational. 

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer adult youth mentor visit their website today. You can also contribute to the non- profit organization in other ways such as clothing, furniture and monetary donations as well.

Services and Non-Profits We Support